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Town Residential Scores Tenth Office

Town Residential has been successful since they first started out. They hit the ground running when it came to their real estate business and they have not looked back since they first started out. When Town Residential first started, they knew that they wanted to provide a high level of service to all of the clients that they had. Since that time, they have always been working toward big goals for their clients and this is something that they have been able to do when they are making things better for each of the clients that they have.


The clients are the most important part of Town Residential. This is something that they have been able to work with because they know that their clients are getting the most out of the different situations that they are in. When it comes to customer service, they work hard to improve the way that they do different things with their business. They know that they will be able to do more in their business if they only focus on their clients. By giving them everything that they want, they can build up the amount of business that they have.


Since there is not a lot of space in New York City to develop new structures, Town Residential has had to come up with other options. They are now ale to restore buildings for their clients to live in and this is something that has truly set them apart. They find old buildings and bring new life to them by making them into apartments and luxury living options.


It has been less than half of a decade since Town Residential first started out. They have only been in business for a mere three years and they have done so much in that time. They have worked hard to provide for their clients in that three years and it has paid off. There are many ways in which Town Residential has done things for their business. They have worked hard in three years and it has been a big way that the company has improved. Within the three years that they have been in business, they have done more than some of the biggest real estate companies in New York City did prior to them.


With the ten offices that they now have in Manhattan, they are prepared to serve even more clients. In the past, their clients had to travel across the city to get the help that they needed from Town Residential. People can get to the new office easily, it is much larger than the rest of the offices and the view that it has overlooking the Hudson isn’t too bad, either.


Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Applauded For Vital Role In InnovaCare Health

Healthcare is an industry that has developed and new technology introduced has transformed the way companies specializing in managed healthcare services deal with customers. Medicare Advantage on Facebook has remained a major healthcare insurance option among many people across the U.S., and those looking for great care have been selective when choosing companies through which they can buy plans for the program.

The company is applauded for coming up with plans that are ideal for different categories of users across the North American market and this has motivated more users to choose their services. With increasing users each day, InnovaCare Health is looking forward to expanding services to more regions across the U.S.

The achievements InnovaCare Health has recorded over the years are as a result of the great leadership that has been steering different departments. The company hired executives into new positions and these changes brought on board new and exceptional skills that have contributed to the growth of a strong service system.

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokkinides is a clinical medicine expert who has been working with InnovaCare Health as the Chief Administrator. She is a renowned expert in the healthcare industry and she has built her successful career across more than 20 years. Penelope Kokkinides also served at other companies like Aveta Inc., where she held an executive position. She has been keenly managing her affairs and she sits with other experts like Rick Shinto to manage InnovaCare Health. Learn more on Biz Journals about Penelope Kokkinides.

Rick Shinto, the CEO
The CEO of InnovaCare Health has also been vocal in managing vital processes and coming up with transformative ideas. Rick Shinto is applauded for working on elevating the structures that govern InnovaCare Health to make the company better. He boasts of a wide experience of more than 30 years, having worked with leading companies like Aveta Inc.

InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is the best-rated provider of managed healthcare services across the Puerto Rico region. Offering high quality and affordable plans has allowed the company to stand out in the market and to come out as a preferred provider of Medicare Advantage plans among customers form North America.

Eric Pulier Gives Insights On Successful Entrepreneurship

Eric Pulier is a successful entrepreneur who is highly knowledgeable in the field of technology. Through an interview with Daniel Budzinski on his show “The Dreamcast,” Eric Pulier discusses how to start from nothing and achieve big. He starts by saying that most people start with a dream, but end up not pursuing it because of their fear for the risks involved. Traditionally, people rank various options by looking first at their complexity. They end up being discouraged. According to Pulier, the first step is to look at your idea with ultimate simplicity then deal with the pitfalls when the right time comes. He explains that it is wise to understand what and why the world needs your idea. Once you start working on your dream, you will always find a solution for every problem that emerges.

Another strategy is to ensure that you stay in the curve since the world is changing rapidly, instead of maintaining the status quo. For successful entrepreneurship, one needs the ability to constantly innovate by coming up with new ideas in order to adapt to the changes in the world. These new ideas can be wrong or off the base, but this does not mean that you will have failed. Eric insists that failure comes when you sit back and refuse to get out there and do something meaningful to the world. Giving back is a selfless act, which the veteran entrepreneur recommends for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship comes with a social responsibility of helping others, which, according to Eric, makes one feel passionate about bringing change in the world. This information was originally mentioned on Daniel Budzinski’s website as outlined in the following link

About Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur, published author, philanthropist and a public speaker. While in fourth grade, Eric started programming computers and founded a data base computer while in high school. He has founded over 15 companies, among them Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, and Service Mash. He built and executed the Presidential Technology Exhibition, “The Bridge to the 21st Century”, for Bill Clinton in 1997. Eric took part in Al Gore’s health care and technology forum. Pulier has donated to several philanthropic initiatives. He sits on the boards of various organizations. This information was originally published on Wikipedia as highlighted in this link




Kenneth Goodgame and His Uncanny Knack For Success

Kenneth Goodgame has certainly earned his spot as a top executive in the True Value hardware chain. His experience, leadership skills and talent for spotting weak spots in retail are legendary as well as an ability to focus on the problem at hand which helps to avoid expensive mistakes others may miss.

Believing in growth through leadership, and his skill in navigating market shifts are two things that help Goodgame leap ahead where others fall behind. With a reputation for getting the job done, whatever it may be or how bad the chances of success are, Goodgame is the man to have around when problems crop up.

Anyone interested in improving their knowledge of the financial markets is welcome to visit Ken’s new website for constructive conversations in this area as well as how to achieve excellence in the business world through the use of common sense methodologies.

Sometimes all it takes to get ahead in life is inspiration from a person that has “been there and done that,” which would certainly describe Goodgame. According to Zoominfo, Motivation is key, and there is plenty of that to be found around a man like Kenneth Goodgame.

Under Kenneth Goodgame’s leadership, True Value posts the kind of earnings other companies dream of and prospects for the next posting are looking even better. Anyone with money to invest would do well buying stock in True Value with Goodgame in their corporate office. Perhaps Goodgame’s true talent is plain common sense.

He is a firm believer in “end caps” and thinks it’s not so much what you put at the head of an isle, but when. A good example of that are seasonal items. In winter a heater sitting in the end cap has a better chance of being sold than gardening supplies would. According to Kenneth Goodgame, end caps can make or break a business and he is obviously right or True Value wouldn’t be doing as well as it has been.

Featured products have always been available but there was no incentive for dealers or ways for them to add to their reputation for product innovation. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

That changes with permanent endcaps. Once a month, four items new to True Value and the marketplace in general are placed in these endcaps, and according to sales, this was an excellent idea.

Kenneth Goodgame Gives True Value a Major Assist

True Value is a company that helps retail customers acquire all manner of different hardware items. The prices are reasonable and the volume of items in stock is vast enough that no one should feel they cannot find anything. Before finding new products to purchase, customers have to find the most desirable retail store. True Value is a hardware chain people are familiar with, but familiarity is not enough to nudge people to visit a local store. A solid marketing and promotional campaign has to be performed in order to draw people in. This is where a skilled executive such as Kenneth Goodgame offers a great assist. As as senior vice president of marketing, sales, and promotions, Goodgame has done a lot for True Value and for the company’s customers.

Prior to moving to the Chicago corporate headquarters of True Value, Goodgame served as the General Merchandising Manager of Ace Hardware. Prior to his three-year tenure with Ace Hardware, Goodgame worked at Techtronic Industries North America and Newell Rubbermaid. His arrival at True Value is beneficial for all parties involved. Goodgame, the corporation, the employees, and the customers all benefit from his marketing and management skills.

At True Value, Goodgame was in charge of many major promotional campaigns. Goodgame was responsible for hiring a skilled category management team to handle critical functions for the company.

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How Jason Halpern Built JMH Development

Jason Halpern, founder of JMH Development has changed the way that real estate developers are doing business with both residential and commercial properties. Halpern’s focus has always been developing luxury properties and developing unique properties in some of the most coveted neighborhoods in the United States. Areas like Miami Beach, Manhattan, and even Brooklyn are where Halpern has chosen to build his developments over the years.


Halpern has been highly regarded as the developer to turn to when seeking a sound strategy for building. Site and building design continue to evolve during the entire process, and ultimately the lack of strategic planning can affect the outcome of a development in numerous ways. Halpern, considered a pioneer in his field, has been called upon by numerous companies to aid in all aspects of developments, including the marketing as well.


Halpern’s guidance provides clients with what they need to accomplish their end goals. With experience in multiple types of properties, he has been able to offer his expertise on-site without delay.


As the Founder and managing partner of JMH Development, Halpern continues to experience rapid growth having gained valuable knowledge and experience from his family. The legacy of real estate development has come from more than 50 years of experience, and most of that has come with building and advising on projects throughout the state of New York. These projects encompass both homes for families, and most recently they are comprised of residential apartments.

West Chester County, NY is the primary ground for the Halpern family as they continue to expand their business in multiple areas. Halpern is responsible for gaining momentum on the project as he hones his vision for what he would like to see the family do with JMH in the future. One of his greatest treasures was working on historical buildings that are often known for bringing families and their children additional education and fun.


Much of his personal time has been dedicated to the work of the Joel A. Halpern Medical Center, a trauma center that could assist individuals and their families with some of the most serious conditions and injuries in the medical field.

Naomi Campbell Avoids Model Burn Out

The modeling industry, just like any other profession, can burn out the people that stand out the most. The supermodels of the modeling industry can become such a powerful force, but the power that they have can be drained. Many models will totally retreat from the modeling industry and have nothing more to do with this type of environment. Naomi Campbell has been modeling since she was a child, but she never seemed to tire. She has persisted, and she has been able to avoid model burnout.

There is a reason that Naomi Campbell has been able to stay relevant but avoid model burnout. She started before she was old enough to legally drive, but she is still modeling as an adult that is just a few years shy of being 50 years old. Most people would wonder how she could put this off. Her secrets are really secrets though. She has simply went about he modeling career in a different way.

She graced the cover of magazines, but she would also get involved in a few cameo appearances on television shows. She would never commit to a full time character on television, but these rare appearances planted the seeds for her to obtain more jobs. She would model in fashion shows and walk the runway, but she would not run the course of her modeling career to the point where she had to compete with other younger women for a spot. In other words, Naomi Campbell always managed to stay in her lane.

As she got older she would drift away from modeling casually, but she was a fascinating person. She was able to get roles in movies because she had already proven that she could act. She would also appear on television again and get back into photo shoots and magazine covers. Naomi Campbell has been able to shine because she has refused to let herself get burned out by the industry.

Diversant and Goullet Make a Difference

Goullet has been influential in the development of highly successful IT sector projects as an entrepreneur. He started his professional career by initially operating as an IT specialist before changing to IT enrollment. He later established Info Technologies; the IT recruitment corporation supplied workforce solutions to over five hundred companies countrywide. John led Info Technologies to grow its revenue to multi-million and earn its spot as the eighth Information Technology company with a comprehensible and considerate knowledge of the rising market trends. He would later merge Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc. to create DIVERSANT LLC. Goullet has the continuous excitement to develop novel means of creating solutions for the ever-evolving challenges in the IT market as the DIVERSANT LLC Director. John Goullet established his company with the main focuses of understanding the IT recruitment needs of his clients as well as the corporate business climate. His company then harmonizes its IT consultants to assemble the customer requests

DIVERSANT LLC enhances business capabilities by providing access to credit and capital sources. The organization implements formal mentorship plans that assist small MBE suppliers in creating active networks that are able to meet the uneven demand curves of IT talent demand. DIVERSANT LLC as a whole believes that diversity promotes innovative thoughts, fosters improvement, and directs further practical problem solving.

The company presents programs meant to encourage diversity in both the supply chain and in workplace talent achievement. DIVERSANT LLC has an immediate comprehension of the diversity benefits and the challenge of realizing diversity in the business situation. The company has been certified as the national Minority-owned Business Enterprise, MBE. The organization has over the past years utilized knowledge to take the lead in developing ground-breaking and unique programs that facilitate the transformation businesses through workforce empowerment. DIVERSANT LLC established unity which is the outstanding program that connects large corporations to their workforce diversity need. The program is also able to supply a diverse workforce to small MBE staffing firms.

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