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When it comes to entrepreneurship and business, Marc sparks seems to have grasped a number of concepts that lead to a successful business. Having graduated in high school during the year 1975 he has gathered enough knowledge on businesses. He deals with startup ventures which he eventually turns into income generating businesses within a short period of time.

Due to the service he gives to entrepreneurs, he is termed as a serial entrepreneur. During his time as a coach to the new startups, he has dealt with a dozens of startups which have later on become great businesses. He has a number of companies in his portfolio at his equity firm; Timber Creek Capital.

After being in the business for 34 years and gaining insight into the business world, Marc has written about his journey in business. He clearly outlines the challenges and success of any venture and this is meant to equip people with the necessary skills. He clearly states that formal education is not a necessity into starting a successful business and that passion for the business is key in determining the same.

Marc encourages open door policy in his firm and this gives opportunity to all his team members and personnel to share any business idea they may have with him. He also saves a lot of time in his day to day activities.

Marc’s passion over the years has been to build companies from ideas that people think would amount to very little. He encourages employees to have real time meetings with him as opposed to them assembling together in conference rooms.

In his book, he describes some of the failures that he encountered in his business journey. One of the major challenges that he faced was the collapse of his billion- dollar insurance company.

The company had done well in the market but he lost it within a period of ninety days. He wants his book to act as an inspiration guide to the entrepreneurs who lose hope before reaching their goals. He assures them that all is not lost when one fails at first trial or during the initial stages of any business.

According to Good Reads, Marc Sparks states that some of the failures in his book will teach people more as compared to his success stories. He clearly demonstrates that business success is gradual and therefore people should be patient when starting new businesses. He is a clear definition that behind every success there is a story of several failed attempts and obstacles.