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Wessex Institute of Technology- Your Partner in Obtaining the Best Job Opportunities Worldwide

Commonly referred to as Wessex Institute, WIT is situated in the middle of the gorgeous New Forest National Park, England. The organization serves the worldwide scientific community. The highly qualified and dedicated team at Wessex Institute organizes various activities within WTI and its associated organizations. This way, they establish a vast network of prestigious contacts throughout the world. It is, therefore, the best avenue of getting careers in your dream company anywhere in the world.

Why Wessex Institute is the Best Place to Find Your Dream Career

Wessex Institute of Technology has links and contacts with numerous companies all over the world. The company will get to know about the job vacancies in the various organizations that it is in contact with, and advertise the jobs to its members. In addition, WTI offers career advice on various aspects such as learning how to write a CV, job seeking tips, interview tips, details about working abroad, how to manage your career, and how to carry out a salary comparison among others. WTI will expose you to the jobs you qualify for when you upload your CV on their website. You will receive jobs via email to assist you to find a new job. Learn more about Wessex Institute of Technology.

Norman Pattiz Is Improving Advertising Efficiency

A report from PRNewswire was given a few months concerning the announcement made by Norman Pattiz, the founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, and Tom Webster, the VP of Strategy for Edison Research. The announcement was good news concerning the positive impact Podcast advertising made on the intent to purchase, brand recall, and recall of specific messaging.

The results were gathered from a series of comprehensive studies consisting of the advertising tests’ results with five major consumer brands within the nation in which were across five different service and product categories. This testing was conducted during the last half of 2016, and this is the first before and after campaign brand lift study for podcast advertiser.

More Details of the Results

The key findings from the studies are as follows:

  • More than 60% of listeners stated a specific grocery brand after the campaign which is an 7% increase among listeners than in the pre-study.
  • Product awareness with no aid increased to 47% from the pre-study to the post-study for a financial services product, increased in an automobile aftermarket product by 37%, and increased in lawn and garden product by 24%
  • More than a third of respondents in a post study had a very favorable opinion for an automobile aftermarket product and an increase of 18% than before the study.
  • A 76% increase of a specific campaign message awareness for a casual dining restaurant and a 60% increase of an automobile aftermarket product from before to after the study occurred.

PodcastOne,, is the US leading, advertising supported podcast network. This network has more than 340 hours of original programming per week. Edison Research,, is the leading researcher for podcast, they provide strategic information for a wide range of clients, and they conduct survey research.

About Norman Pattiz

The Executive Chairman and Founder of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz has 40 years of experience in the radio syndicated industry. Also, he is the founder of Westwood One where he became America’s biggest provider of entertainment, sports, news, traffic programming, and talk programming to the Broadcast Industry.

This company also managed, distributed, or owned NBC radio networks, CNN radio, CBS News, NFL Football, the Mutual Broadcasting System, The Super Bowl, March Madness, NCAA Basketball, and more.

US Money Reserve And Their Gold Coin Choices

The US Money Reserve is a lovely company that sells gold coins for investors. They have been run by a former director of the US Mint, and they are building an investment empire that will stabilize many portfolios around the world. The customer who wishes to buy from the company today will find it quite simple to ensure that they have their money stored in a place that is secure. The finest of all investors often use stability to ensure their money is protected, and gold coins provide said stability.


#1: Gold Coins Rise In Value Often


Gold coins are rising in value every day, and they are a stable investment that may be displayed in the house or stashed in a vault. The investor who shifts into gold coins will find the coins quite secure, and they will notice the coins are rising in value even when the market has long moved on from the styles they chose.


#2: Collecting Valuable Coins


Certain collectors will search for coins that have a high value, and they will notice how easy it is to sell their coins at a premium to someone who wants the coins more than they do. They may make quite a lot of money from their coins as a result, and they will have a collection that is still quite large after selling only one or two of their coins.


#3: Buying From US Money Reserve


The online catalog from US Money Reserve has a number of new styles every year that customers may enjoy, and they will find it quite simple to shop the company’s website for any new coins they desire. The coins are easy to purchase, and they are shipped securely through the customer’s chosen shipping method. Customers may have their coins sent anywhere they like, and they may display or collect the coins in a safe place.


#4: There Are A Number Of Coins That Become Rare


There are many rare coins that have been sold by the US Money Reserve in the past, and they are rendered rare because the company has moved on from the designs of the past. There are many people who will begin shopping for coins that may become rare, and they will earn more money because they targeted rare coins.


The coins that are sold by the US Money Reserve offer higher value. The customer now may shop online for an Better investment.

Watch the videos at to learn more.


Dick DeVos Makes Official His Lifetime Giving Totals Near $139 Million

Dick DeVos entered the political spotlight once again in 2017 when his wife Betsy DeVos became US Secretary of Education. She was chosen by then President-elect Donald Trump because of the work she and Dick did fighting for private and charter schools in Michigan. During the confirmation hearing the DeVos’s were prompted about their business activities and charity work, and it was discovered that their total lifetime giving amounts to near $139 million. This has been a longtime mystery that many business magazines and news outlets have tried to uncover.


The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been their philanthropy catalyst and through that they’ve supported several private school scholarships and grants. Dick and Betsy sent their children to private school and often came into contact with parents who could barely afford to do so. The Education Freedom Fund and Kids First America helped many families cut private school expenses, and at one time the DeVos’s tried to build on those scholarships by advocating for private school voucher laws. They decided to become involved with charter school groups including the Great Lakes Education Project and later founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick DeVos comes from an entrepreneurial family with his father Richard DeVos Sr. and his brothers Daniel, Douglas and sister Cheri all having worked for Amway and later started businesses of their own. Richard DeVos Sr. co founded Amway with Jay Van Andel built it into a major multilevel marketing company. Dick started out in the company as a lower tier manager but soon became an executive who was placed in charge of foreign markets. Dick stayed at Amway from 1974 to 1989 and then founded The Windquest Group, an investment and parent company to several Michigan businesses. He was on the board of the NBA’s Orlando Magic from 1991 to 1993, but then left that position to rejoin Amway where he became CEO from 1993 to 2002. During that time he turned Amway into a highly profitable international sales company.


Dick DeVos has done a lot of work with Grand Rapids city councilmen and other business leaders through Grand Action Committee including bringing in stadium and sports arena projects, theaters, museums and other developments to downtown Grand Rapids. He and Betsy also contributed to the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and had the art institute there renamed in their honor. Their political activities include a few years that Betsy served as chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party and the 2006 gubernatorial race that Dick ran in. He also worked with the Heritage Foundation and Action Institute to pass right-to-work legislation in Lansing in 2012. Dick DeVos is also on the Board of Trustees at his alma mater Northwood University.


Secrets Behind The Rapid Rise Of EOS Lip Balm

A few years ago, a new entrant came into the lip balm industry, determined to outdo the monopoly of Chapstick. For a long time, consumers were offered limited choices, and EOS, the new kid on the block, sought to change that. Within a few months of their inauguration, EOS lip balm was literally on everybody’s lips. From beauty columnists to famous celebrities, the new product had taken the market by storm. The array of flavors presented by Evolution of Smooth (EOS) had beauty enthusiasts waxing lyrical about the lip balm.

In its relatively short period of existence, EOS has surpassed household names to become one of the leading lip balm company in the multi-billion beauty industry. The results of a survey conducted by Kline ranked EOS as runner-up, losing out the top spot to Bees by Burt. The study further reveals that the firm is recording over a million sales weekly, a number set to increase if the current trend holds. By 2020, it is projected that the institution will be worth a massive $2 billion.

Sanjiv Mehra, who played a significant role in EOS’s establishment, said that the business’s initial objective was to create innovative products and extensive distribution networks. However, recent success has spurred the necessity of enlightening the public’s about the firm as well as the principles upon which they operate.

After conducting an in-depth research Mehra and his friends realized a glaring opportunity in the lip balm industry. Apart from the distinct lack of variety, a majority of companies in the business were compromising quality so as to make affordable products. For these reasons, the idea of EOS ( was conceived.

Armed with all facts and fictions regarding the subject, Sanjiv and his team set out to create an innovative product. By enlisting the services of elite curators, they were able to come up with exclusive and elegant designs, which received a warm welcome on the market.

The next monstrous challenge was to find a grip on the market, which was dominated by the large corporate institutions. Due to the nature of their target audience, the company adopted digital product promotion methods. In addition to establishing a strong advertising footing on various social media such as Facebook and Instagram, EOS also use celebrities to promote their products.

Omar Boraie And Sam Boraie Are Rebuilding The Real Estate Market In New Jersey

Omar Boraie is the Egyptian-American entrepreneur that had lead the development of properties in otherwise depressed parts of New Jersey. His development projects have been under his own family owned corporation, Boraie Development. Sam Boraie has taken up a high ranking in Omar’s company and is now Vice President.

Boraie development has mastered the fields of real estate marketing, property development, property management and sales. Their development projects primarily consist of apartment complexes and office spaces. Many of their projects have been recognized in national and local news.

Erected in 2007, One Spring Street is a example of architectural wonder. This building is 25 floors in height with 121 private residences. Residents that pay their fees are entitled to concierge service, a gymnasium, swimming pool access and access to the deck on the roof. The original constructors of the World Trade Center, Tishman construction, had worked on this building, in a report by NJBiz.

One Rector Street is one of the few high rise building brought to the town of Newark, New Jersey. The company has invested over $65 million into building this 23 level tower. They are currently renting out 169 unites at competitive rates.

Albany Street Plaza is a pair of commercial buildings in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The first tower was made in 1998 and the second in 2004. The buildings have over 200,00 feet in offices and 20,000 feet in retail stores. These buildings have spurred a lot of new commercial activity in the area.

The Milltown Ford Avenue Redevelopment is a small community of 324 homes in Milltown. The community is centralized in the town and has access to retail and grocery store. The project was designed to reignite the town’s develop industry since it had been decades since any significant construction projects.

Boraie Development really gained popularity when the world discovered that they had collaborated with Shaq to build rental properties. The government of Newark had even pitched $2 million to Shaq and Boraie’s One Riverview building. One Riverview is high-rise condominium complex designed with luxury in mind. Urban Transit Hub and Goldman Sachs have made a significant proportion of Shaq’s project.

CITYPLEX 12 was another project that Shaq started. This is one of the few privately owned theaters developed in the city. This theatre has 12 Screens with both 3D and digital screens.

The company has plans to bring a 250-unit apartment building to Atlantic City. The city has a increasing need for accommodation for small families and couples. The company plans on building residences near the Revel Casino Hotel Tower.

The Aspire is a massive tower brought to New Brunswick, New Jersey. Their 238 residential units sit at an ideal location near the New Brunswick Train Station. The residents have access to store, fitness centers, private parking and other luxury amenities.

In collaboration with the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Omar Boraie has established the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. He had even pledged $1.5 million pledge of his own money towards educational efforts in Genomic Science. Genomic science is a radical new field of medicine that is breaking barriers in cancer treatment methods.

You can visit his Crunchbase profile.

The Higher Mindset of Marc Sparks Helps With His Success

A lot of people who hold jobs and work in various levels of employment operate from a certain frequency. This mental frequency is actually a bit lower than the frequency that successful entrepreneurs have. The mindset often centers around making money for oneself.

While it is good to be able to make money so that one can support himself, some people do take it far when it comes to their own wants and needs As a result, they become focused only on what they can get for themselves. This is one of the reasons that some people don’t experience long term success as entrepreneurs.

According to GoodReads, the alternative mindset of successful entrepreneurs like Marc Sparks focuses more on what they can do for others. After all, customers don’t care about businesses. When they visit a store or a company, the main thing they are looking for is what they can get from the store for themselves.

It is important for the business owner to think like the customer in this respect. When one looks at what he can do for the customer, then he takes the time to maximize the quality of the products that he offers in his business. This also helps with the marketing in that he knows how to address the customer.

Marc Sparks is aware of many desires and needs of customers. Therefore, he has chosen a market that he wants to help with. This market is the entrepreneur market. Therefore, he is able to look at what other entrepreneurs are looking for. One thing that helps in this case is that he himself is an entrepreneur.

One thing that he knows aspiring entrepreneurs need is some help in reaching their goals. Therefore, he has written a book among other things to help people know what to expect in the market that they are getting ready to take on.