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Wild Ark

It can not be disputed that we have done major damage to the environment and ecosystem. As humans expand and continue building nature is being force further and further out. At this rate in the near future the wildlife of this planet will have to learn how to survive without the safety of their habitat. This fact is what makes wildlife conservation so important at this point in time. Luckily there are people and organizations like Wild Ark that are eco-conscious and want to do their best to protect the environment.


Wild Ark is responsible for providing some of the best eco-conscious and conservation centered trips in the world. It promises to deliver a life changing experience. Enjoyment is unavoidable when you travel with Wild Ark. There are many mind blowing destinations out there that nature lovers would love to visit. Here is a list of places.




Botswana is a great destination if you are a photographer. The sunny region is home to the largest elephant population on the planet and boasts acres upon acres of untouched wilderness. This is an area where photographers have a great chance to capture an award winning photo. Letaka Safaris, in Botswana, is a citizen-owned safari company that has been operational for close to 20 years.




Zimbabwe is known for offering some of the best walking safaris in Africa. Bushlife Safaris has gained a reputation for its innovation. Bushlife also offers canoe safaris. Which gives visitors an even better look at the unique landscape and wilderness.




Alaska is a great destination with its beautiful rivers and schools of fish. The frozen plains can be a fisherman’s dream. You have the choice whether to fly fish or use conventional gear. In the fall the rainbow trout return. Despite the cold this is a trip for the whole family.


Wild Ark is a conservation organization founded by married couple Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. The duo’s team consists of passionate conservationist who truly care about protecting the world wildest places. It urges people to reconnect with nature and feel inspired to protect it. Learn more: