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Cotemar Has Achieved Much Growth by Committing To Its Values and Principles

Cotemar is a privately-held Mexican firm that offers support services to the oil industry. With 38 years’ experience, the company has cemented its expertise over the years to find a standing in the oil and energy field. Cotemar’s headquarters location is in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche.


Services Provided


The company renders its services through its three subsidiaries. The Apoyo Marine Logistics division offers marine logistic support services. These services include transportation services through the company’s specialized boats. They transport staff, food, and light materials. The company also owns firefighting vessels, barges, and tow ships for more complex transportation. The other subsidiary of the firm is Sipsa that offers oil industry services. These services range from construction, maintenance, modernization, and engineering. They include equipment and service line commissioning, assembling, and prefabrication. The third subsidiary is Cocinas Del Mar, which is the catering arm of the company. This division offers food and lodging services on board and land. These services range from cleaning, ironing, and bedding services. The personnel here observes high sanitation standards that guarantee an exceptional experience.


Company Values


Cotemar is built on integrity and customer value. The firm is committed to offering quality client services. With high-end technology, the organization can carry out its processes efficiently. Transparency and honesty drive the highly qualified personnel at Cotemar. The company ensures that in all aspects, it adheres to the legal and regulatory rules. When it comes to the human capital, the firm believes in working together as a team. With respect, Cotemar knows how to motivate and empower the employee’s capabilities. It is notable that all the vessels are regularly inspected and monitored to enhance the safety of the users. Cotemar continues to grow its innovation capabilities year after year. It also invests in modern equipment and vessels. The vessels have enabled the company to tackle complex situations.




Cotemar is always committed to social, economic, and environmental aspects. The firm is dedicated to steering growth in the communities. Cotemar enhances the families’ quality of life by creating positive impacting programs in areas of equity, industrial safety, education, sports, culture, and health. The firm also sponsors community-based events that allow families integrate with one another. This move creates a sense of belonging to the people and enhances relationships. Cotemar creates job opportunities for the communities, which help in improving the firm’s social value. The company understands the importance of a safe environment. It upholds this principle by adopting environmentally friendly approaches in their services.


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