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Fabletics Meets Amazon to Customer Applause

Almost everyone has at least heard of the Fabletics brand of athleisure wear for women. Kate Hudson came on board when the parent company was searching for a believable spokeswoman. Ms. Hudson certainly fits the bill. She has joked that she went from her movie role “Almost Famous” right into Fabletics. She has not regretted her decision one little bit. This actress is beloved by her audience, and they can certainly believe that Kate does wear what she is promoting. She has been a powerful business force in the rise of this fabulous brand. She is not simply the pretty face that is seen in the commercials.


Kate Hudson has her hand in much of this company’s decisions and strategy plans. She personally loves this brand, wearing them while taking care of her son, exercising and going to shops. This is a brand that she totally believes in. Fabletics was born when the company founders realized that there just wasn’t much choice in women’s active wear. The clothing seen in stores was way overpriced, didn’t hold up long and was mostly unflattering. Fabletics strives to do the opposite. They launched affordable, fantastic looking and feeling sports wear clothing that are fashionable enough to wear outside of the gym.


This company has had huge growth rates of unheard of proportions. They use memberships to sell their customers exactly what they desire. Customers that fill out the easy Lifestyle Quiz learn their true size, preferences and so on. All of this is stored in the system. When customers shop at a mall Fabletics store and try an article of clothing on, it is also entered into the system. Fabletics utilizes a reverse marketing style of showroom. The items in stock are what their customers are buying and what they have indicated that they would like to have.


This style of marketing has enabled Fabletics to base what is in their inventory on true customer wants. Other stores simply fill their inventories with whatever is deemed fashionable somewhere. Fabletics consumers are loving the phenomenal options now being offered through Amazon. This online mega-warehouse is responsible for 20% of clothing sales overall. Recently, Fabletics announced plans to launch a line exclusively made for plus-sized ladies. Finally, they will be able to find extraordinary workout/leisure clothing that fits well, looks incredibly stylish, costs less and holds-up with time. Take your Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz today.

Fabletics Offers Personalized and Affordable Shopping Experience

Fabletics is a leading fashion brand that deals specifically in fitness clothing and gear, collectively termed as Athleisure products. The company started its operations in the year 2012, and in just four years has managed to become one of the prominent players in the athleisure market, giving fierce competition to famous names such as Amazon among others. One of the key reasons why Fabletics has been able to do good business is because it offers affordable athleisure products of excellent quality.


Kate Hudson, a famous fitness diva and a Hollywood actress who has also won the Golden Globe award, is one of the co-owners of Techstyle Fashion Group that owns Fabletics. Kate Hudson says that Fabletics was started with the aim of providing value to the customers and the brand is focused on being customer centric. It is for this reason, the company offers sizes ranging from XXS to 3X, and each month a new collection is added to its inventory.


Moreover, the brand is known for its highly successful subscription business model, where the customers have the choice of becoming the VIP members of the company. The VIP members are sent an e-mail in the first week of each month with the product listing that is specifically chosen and selected to meet their personal preferences. It is a personalized shopping experience that helps the customers in saving time and effort. Moreover, the VIP members do not have to pay massive amounts of the products as they get considerable discounts.


Fabletics is also known to have successfully implemented the reverse showroom technique. It is a highly successful and tried and tested business strategy that scores of companies have used previously, including the famous names such as Warby Parker and Apple. The motive behind this is customer retention and increasing brand loyalty. The company has 18 stores at the moment, and many more stores are in the pipeline in the years to come. Fabletics plans to open its stores not only in the United States but across the globe.


Even as the competition in the online fashion market continues to gain pace, Fabletics can manage substantial turnover because of its unique business model that is primarily based on its subscription model business. The company aims to keep the pricing of its products highly competitive, which is one of the reasons why Fabletics is a preferred brand in the athleisure category by many. Fabletics also offers a personalized shopping experience that you can enjoy as well by taking the Lifestyle Quiz at its site.

What has Kate Hudson got that Amazon doesn’t? Fabletics!

Have you ever heard of “reverse showrooming”? Probably not, but now is the time to become familiar with it because Fabletics is making a splash in the electronic fashion market employing “reverse showrooming”.


Many brick and mortar stores are losing money. Particularly irksome is the habit of many shoppers to visit stores to try on clothing they are considering, select what they want, and return home to make the actual purchase online, often from a competitor. This is “showrooming”; customers using the store only for fit and style, but making the cash register ring online.


By contrast, Fabletics began as a direct electronic business based on a membership model. To hook the new business, Fabletics uses bait composed of a high-end fitness outfit offered at an impressively low price. The customer is reeled in by the associated membership. All customers who purchase the introductory offer must agree to become VIP members.


VIP members, among other advantages, receive a curated fitness outfit each month for which they are charged $50 more or less. However, unlike many membership models in the past that grew to irritate their customer bases, Fabletics offers a generous return and refusal system.


Each month, within the designated period, VIP members may log into their accounts to forestall shipments. They may do this for several months consecutively if they wish. This gives them the impression that unlike so many membership programs, Fabletics wants them to be pleased with their purchases and does not want to hard-sell them.


Further supporting this interest in long-term customer satisfaction, Fabletics has a generous return policy. Customers may return entire outfits or partial outfits for store credit or, for a small processing fee, refund.


The membership model is maintained by customization. Unlike your grandmother’s old book club membership, the entire nation does not receive the same shipment each month.


When customers register for membership, they complete a short questionnaire that seeks to understand their athletic habits and clothing preferences. This data, combined with their purchasing history, supplies Fabletics with the basis of information that they use to select custom orders for each member each month. The longer customers continue with the program, logic dictates, the more accurate the monthly shipments become.


Having established a customer basis through membership, Fabletics is now opening a small number of physical stores. The customization is carried into these stores as well as it is through the membership program. For example, if an area targeted for a store has a local membership that prefers to purchase matching tops and bottoms at once, that store features such clothing. Other area stores have stock based on the preferences of their neighborhoods.


By offering a more intimate, custom, electronic shopping experience, Kate Hudson and Fabletics are taking a bite out of that 20% market share that Amazon has been commanding. Maybe does not yet need to schedule a major restructuring because of Fabletics, but they would do well to learn a few tricks from the new gal on the block.

The Highly Successful Business Path of Don Ressler

Readiness and commitment is a prerequisite to achieving the finer things in life. With this principles, many people have made things that were previously thought impossible. Take for instance Don Ressler with his highly successful JustFab brand. He has shown an incredible commitment to his work and has succeeded in almost every project. Don has grown to be a highly successful entrepreneur who can be regarded as a wise man. He carries the image that several entrepreneurs can look up to for success.

Don Ressler serves as the co-founder of Intelligent Beauty. He started his career by working with companies that focused in e-commerce and selling products online. He later established his online platform known as He built the company and sold it to Intermix Media. Don Ressler wanted to expand his capital and develop ideas for the company’s growth. Intermix Media increased the shareholder value of the enterprise. However, the company was acquired by News Corporation in 2005 for $650,000. After the purchase, Don Ressler decided to leave with his partner, Adam Goldenberg. The two had a massive experience in advertising at

The two business people met with other members of Alena and decided to start Intelligent Beauty. The company focused on skincare and cosmetics. It ran most of its business operations online. Ressler later decided to expand the line of business to include weight loss products on Pando. Intelligent Beauty proved to be a very successful venture. The company expanded its operations after acquiring $43 million from Crossover Ventures.

After brainstorming for some time, they decided to call the company Just Fabulous. A short form of the name became JustFab. JustFab established its offices in El Segundo. The place was ideal because it had several facilities like that of a beach, international airport, and expandable office space. JustFab has grown by receiving funding from its investors on Crunchbase. The company received a funding amounting to $33 million from Matrix Partners in 2011. The amount assisted the firm to start with a big bang. In the first year alone, JustFab had received a total of 4 million subscribers.

The success with JustFab is a clear indication that Don Ressler is a guru in the fashion sector. He has always looked for new opportunities and new ways to grow his company. JustFab has become highly successful and earned them millions in revenue.

Naomi Campbell Avoids Model Burn Out

The modeling industry, just like any other profession, can burn out the people that stand out the most. The supermodels of the modeling industry can become such a powerful force, but the power that they have can be drained. Many models will totally retreat from the modeling industry and have nothing more to do with this type of environment. Naomi Campbell has been modeling since she was a child, but she never seemed to tire. She has persisted, and she has been able to avoid model burnout.

There is a reason that Naomi Campbell has been able to stay relevant but avoid model burnout. She started before she was old enough to legally drive, but she is still modeling as an adult that is just a few years shy of being 50 years old. Most people would wonder how she could put this off. Her secrets are really secrets though. She has simply went about he modeling career in a different way.

She graced the cover of magazines, but she would also get involved in a few cameo appearances on television shows. She would never commit to a full time character on television, but these rare appearances planted the seeds for her to obtain more jobs. She would model in fashion shows and walk the runway, but she would not run the course of her modeling career to the point where she had to compete with other younger women for a spot. In other words, Naomi Campbell always managed to stay in her lane.

As she got older she would drift away from modeling casually, but she was a fascinating person. She was able to get roles in movies because she had already proven that she could act. She would also appear on television again and get back into photo shoots and magazine covers. Naomi Campbell has been able to shine because she has refused to let herself get burned out by the industry.