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Use A FreedomPop Cell Phone Around The World

FreedomPop is offering a wide array of cell phone and Internet services that can easily benefit just about any user, even if they are currently with another wireless carrier. Some would prefer that their wireless services are all with one company, but not everyone has that option unless they go with a company like FreedomPop. With the cell phone services that FreedomPop is offering, there are so many choices that the best way to choose which service is best for a customer is for them to read a FreedomPop review because they’ll gain all the information they need.


The free cell phone service has its perks with 500 MB of data, 200 minutes of talk time, and there are unlimited text messages. The plan is free for one year and can have the data expanded whenever it’s needed by allowing the user to access Wi-Fi service, or they can choose to complete offers from FreedomPop. The free Internet plan is also available but is on both the portable hotspots with 500 MB of data and the FreedomPop Hub with 1 GB of data. Both free Internet services are free on a monthly basis with the right equipment.


Going back to the cell phone service, there is a paid plan that costs $10.99 and has both unlimited text messages and talk time with 500 MB of data. Complete any FreedomPop offers, surveys, or add FreedomPop friends to gain more data on the paid plan. Anyone who simply wants to have all the data they need can choose the unlimited everything plan that only costs $19.99 to start.


With any cell phone plan that’s chosen will come the availability of international calling, which is important to some people. International calls can be made in international destinations as well with a sim card from FreedomPop that only costs $0.99 right now. Using the sim card in dozens of countries will allow the user the ability to call the United States as well as other countries without worrying about roaming charges. Anyone using a Sprint phone on the FreedomPop network can only use it within the United States, but GSM phones can be used almost anywhere.