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Betsy DeVos: a Significantly Inspired Choice

Elisabeth DeVos is unarguably a time-proven innovator and exemplary leader. Her role in advocacy is among the many things that she does passionately. Commonly known as Betsy, Elisabeth has been pioneering fights against barriers that prevent people from thriving. Her major role in the society has been to create innovative favorable environments that will give people opportunities to flourish. She pursues such causes more often because that is what she believes she was created for; to be a blessing. Besides, Betsy is a figure worth emulating for her academic excellence, impressive career, among other traits defining her. She is a former director of The Windquest Group, a Michigan-based private investment, and management company focusing on service portfolio and diversified buyer product.



In Betsy We Have a Multitasked Trailblazer



Betsy wears many professional garments, and I have always admired her for this. You will find her in advocacy assignments, working efficiently in her education secretary office, and still a loving wife to her husband. She celebrates over 35 years of active politics, where she stood out and occupied influential positions. In fact, Betsy served as the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party; not once but four times. She did not stop here; Elisabeth DeVos has served diverse leadership roles with party organizations, political action committees, and political movements. What Betsy is doing currently is even more awe-inspiring to those of us who value education. She concentrates on enhancing educational choices, just to make America greater.



Let’s Learn About Forces Working Behind Betsy’s Ever-growing Success



Betsy DeVos attended Holland Christian High School, and after that, she joined Calvin College for her bachelor’s degree in arts. As such, we can say confidently say that her success is related to her academic background. However, that alone could not have escalated her where she is. Betsy’s success has much more to do with a supportive family. She is married to Dick DeVos, a man with whom she shares so much. Dick is also a serial entrepreneur, an activist, and a philanthropist. I am keen to notice that they share a lot of traits, which helps them build their success corporately. Together they have four kids and five grandchildren.



Widespread Reforms and Philanthropy



At one point Betsy and her husband visited a charter school and identified particular people with financial issues. They continued evaluating special cases and addressing them by supporting the parents and their children. That opportunity allowed them to expand their charitable tents, which is what creates joy in their hearts. Dan Quisenberry of Michigan Association of Public School Academies described Elisabeth in a statement as “an inspired choice.” She is on track especially with her support for charter schools and school choice programs.


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