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Some Qualities Exhibited by Michael Zomber

Michael is passionate about history and in his undertakings prefers to collect, care and trade in antique arms. Having a deep sense of the past and aiming at preserving such, he desires to walk the path with like-minded people. He has several areas of interest where he does much of what he deems precious. In 1998, Andrea and Michael Zomber launched Renascent Films. The films are a beauty and attract the eye. Checking through his Facebook page you find most of the pictures posted.

Despite being a historian he is totally sold out to humanity. Some of the organizations they support include; and Randolph Bourne Institute, Global Exchange, Amnesty International, Disabled American Veterans, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, The Smile Train and Get Lit’s. These are diverse organizations that deal with assorted things, among them being history.

He is a remarkable story teller. Besides being a narrator he has also had his authoritative writings make rounds across the world and they have gained incredible credits. In fact, there are some of his novels that have had to be turned into plays. His wife Andrea has been supportive and she even joined forces with him when he was producing a documentary film titled ‘Soul of the Samurai’.

Fundamentals Concerning Michael’s Heart for History

The antiques with considerable historical implication are held so dear to this historian. In collaboration with other historians and antique gatherers, they are willing to go beyond and protect the past. Most of his energy is channeled towards the antique arms and swords known to have been used by the samurais of Japan.

In line with his passion, Michael Zomber has founded an American antique firm called the Samurai Arts LLC. It is over four decades since Michael settled in his firm. Perhaps as a reward to his efforts, he has had an opportunity to attend History Channel‘s in America as a guest historian, not forgetting the endorsement by the Japanese Samurai swords Authority for his zeal to safeguard the history of Japanese.