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Nationwide Title Clearing Has Made Ordering Property Reports Easy

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) has made it easier than ever for people in the mortgage and banking industries to obtain residential property documents. Title defects, which are usually caused by individuals or entities laying claim to a home they don’t actually own, is a serious issue in the real estate industry. Nationwide Title Clearing, as the leading title reporting company in the industry, is doing their part by making accurate real estate reports widely and easily accessible in order to help with this problem.


NTC is the leading document processing and title research company in the real estate industry.  The documents and reports that they make available to those in the mortgage and banking industries are first run through an automation verification process that is then looked over with human eyes in order to ensure that the information that they provide is completely accurate. The four reports that they have made available for easy access on their website is the ones that are most important in order to assure the most accurate and timely reports required in order for individuals and entities to buy and sell homes including Tax Status Reports, Tax Status (Plus) Reports, Current Owner Reports (i.e. Ownership and Encumbrance Report), and the Assignment Verification Report Services.


The Chief Executive Officer of Nationwide Title Clearing, John Hillman, said that it’s critically important to address title defects before a property is sold or transferred. He said that his company’s updated website will provide a fast, easy to use, and efficient way for interested parties in a residential transaction to make sure that all of the important details of property ownership are resolved in order to assure a smooth transition.


NTC was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company also has additional offices in other parts of the United States including their critical office in Dallas, Texas. As the company holds vital property records for residential properties in every county across the United States they needed to make sure that the data they hold is backed up in the case of an emergency. The Dallas office serves this purpose as it has a data center that contains all of the records that the Palm Harbor location holds.


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