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Kenneth Goodgame and His Uncanny Knack For Success

Kenneth Goodgame has certainly earned his spot as a top executive in the True Value hardware chain. His experience, leadership skills and talent for spotting weak spots in retail are legendary as well as an ability to focus on the problem at hand which helps to avoid expensive mistakes others may miss.

Believing in growth through leadership, and his skill in navigating market shifts are two things that help Goodgame leap ahead where others fall behind. With a reputation for getting the job done, whatever it may be or how bad the chances of success are, Goodgame is the man to have around when problems crop up.

Anyone interested in improving their knowledge of the financial markets is welcome to visit Ken’s new website for constructive conversations in this area as well as how to achieve excellence in the business world through the use of common sense methodologies.

Sometimes all it takes to get ahead in life is inspiration from a person that has “been there and done that,” which would certainly describe Goodgame. According to Zoominfo, Motivation is key, and there is plenty of that to be found around a man like Kenneth Goodgame.

Under Kenneth Goodgame’s leadership, True Value posts the kind of earnings other companies dream of and prospects for the next posting are looking even better. Anyone with money to invest would do well buying stock in True Value with Goodgame in their corporate office. Perhaps Goodgame’s true talent is plain common sense.

He is a firm believer in “end caps” and thinks it’s not so much what you put at the head of an isle, but when. A good example of that are seasonal items. In winter a heater sitting in the end cap has a better chance of being sold than gardening supplies would. According to Kenneth Goodgame, end caps can make or break a business and he is obviously right or True Value wouldn’t be doing as well as it has been.

Featured products have always been available but there was no incentive for dealers or ways for them to add to their reputation for product innovation. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

That changes with permanent endcaps. Once a month, four items new to True Value and the marketplace in general are placed in these endcaps, and according to sales, this was an excellent idea.