Defining Entertainment for the Millennial Crowd in NYC, DC and San Francisco

In cities like NYC, DC and San Francisco, there is so much going on with the nightlife, fantastic restaurants, entertainment, concerts and private events that it is sometimes difficult to meet the elite crowd to experience the city. In 2013, entrepreneur Billy McFarland developed an exclusive entertainment association called Magnises for millennials to connect, so it typically caters to the events they prefer.

Billy McFarland was born in NYC but grew up in New Jersey. He began his business career when he was 13, and he founded an online outsourcing business that matched clients with designers.

According to Crunchbase, It seems as if Billy McFarland was born with a business talent. He studied computer engineering for one year at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, but he left in his freshmen year and founded Spling.

Spling is a website that transforms URLs for their clients, by changing their text appearance into graphic images, which organizes them like a mosaic on online bulletin boards. Billy is CEO of Spling, and two of his more famous clients include Discovery and Universal.

Magnises was founded in 2013, but Billy wanted to make the group even more exclusive, so he designed and developed a “Black Card’, which is technology-based and community-oriented. The card is not a financial card itself, but the owner can choose to connect it their credit card to a Visa or Mastercard.

The Black Card includes extensive perks and benefits designed for the trendy user. The cost of the card is $250, and as of 2016, there are 10,000 card owners in three cities. It is designed to improve the everyday life of the card holder offering directions, guidance and updated entertainment information.

Last year, MacFarland added an app to the package, and the app makes everything unique for the specific city making it easier for members to access. Membership to the Magnises includes entrance to the Night Life in each city with “no hassle” entrance, fashion and theater that invites culture, access to the best seats at sports events and concerts, live shows, and private events. Billy McFarland developed the perfect, exclusive and accessible scene for the millennial crowd and more.

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