Doe Deere: Getting Ready For The Day Ahead

Doe Deere is an icon that is known throughout the online world. She is a beauty mogul who has taken the fashion world by storm with her makeup brand, Lime Crime. The brand is known for being one of the few vegan, free, alternative makeup brands on the market. Doe Deere embodies everything that the makeup brand stands for, after all, she initially started making the makeup for herself, before she decided to let the world have the beauty that is LimeCrime. Besides being one of the biggest names in the makeup industry today, she is also known for her online fame. Doe Deere’s Instagram page currently has millions of followers from all over the globe. With her purplish pink hair, which is now and makeup looks to die for, she has become a face that people all over the world want to be.


Just like all celebrities, Doe Deere is someone who is extremely particular about her beauty regime. She is extremely meticulous when it comes to her day, especially when it comes to her morning rituals. She has always been a planner so even when it comes to her morning activities; she has it planned down to every last detail.


As someone who runs one of the biggest alternative makeup brands, Doe Deere always has a busy day ahead of her. Her day begins bright and early, and she insists that she does so without an alarm clock. She is extremely particular about the amount of sleep that she gets and tries her best to get at least nine hours of sleep. Getting a good night’s rest is one of the things that she claims is the secret to her gorgeous and flawless skin. One of the other things that Doe Deere claims is the secret to her skin is the amount of water she drinks. She starts her day out with a glass of water as soon as she gets up and tries her best to keep hydrated through the entire day. She then proceeds to do a few stretches to get her body warmed up for the day ahead.


Doe Deere then goes on to eat her most important meal of the day, breakfast. Her choice is usually between cereal and yogurt, which she has with some of the fruits that she grows in her backyard.


The next thing that Doe Deere does before she is off to run her company is her makeup, which is by far one of her most favorite things to do. She does so while listening to some of her favorite artists to set the mood. Before she starts her makeup, Doe Deere makes sure that her face is properly cleaned and moisturized. After that, she is on to create her look for the day. She has always been fascinated with creating looks that no one else does, which is one of the things she stands out for the most. After all, she is a person running a makeup brand, and she is someone who can do her makeup perfectly.

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