Fabletics Meets Amazon to Customer Applause

Almost everyone has at least heard of the Fabletics brand of athleisure wear for women. Kate Hudson came on board when the parent company was searching for a believable spokeswoman. Ms. Hudson certainly fits the bill. She has joked that she went from her movie role “Almost Famous” right into Fabletics. She has not regretted her decision one little bit. This actress is beloved by her audience, and they can certainly believe that Kate does wear what she is promoting. She has been a powerful business force in the rise of this fabulous brand. She is not simply the pretty face that is seen in the commercials.


Kate Hudson has her hand in much of this company’s decisions and strategy plans. She personally loves this brand, wearing them while taking care of her son, exercising and going to shops. This is a brand that she totally believes in. Fabletics was born when the company founders realized that there just wasn’t much choice in women’s active wear. The clothing seen in stores was way overpriced, didn’t hold up long and was mostly unflattering. Fabletics strives to do the opposite. They launched affordable, fantastic looking and feeling sports wear clothing that are fashionable enough to wear outside of the gym.


This company has had huge growth rates of unheard of proportions. They use memberships to sell their customers exactly what they desire. Customers that fill out the easy Lifestyle Quiz learn their true size, preferences and so on. All of this is stored in the system. When customers shop at a mall Fabletics store and try an article of clothing on, it is also entered into the system. Fabletics utilizes a reverse marketing style of showroom. The items in stock are what their customers are buying and what they have indicated that they would like to have.


This style of marketing has enabled Fabletics to base what is in their inventory on true customer wants. Other stores simply fill their inventories with whatever is deemed fashionable somewhere. Fabletics consumers are loving the phenomenal options now being offered through Amazon. This online mega-warehouse is responsible for 20% of clothing sales overall. Recently, Fabletics announced plans to launch a line exclusively made for plus-sized ladies. Finally, they will be able to find extraordinary workout/leisure clothing that fits well, looks incredibly stylish, costs less and holds-up with time. Take your Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz today.