How Jason Halpern Built JMH Development

Jason Halpern, founder of JMH Development has changed the way that real estate developers are doing business with both residential and commercial properties. Halpern’s focus has always been developing luxury properties and developing unique properties in some of the most coveted neighborhoods in the United States. Areas like Miami Beach, Manhattan, and even Brooklyn are where Halpern has chosen to build his developments over the years.


Halpern has been highly regarded as the developer to turn to when seeking a sound strategy for building. Site and building design continue to evolve during the entire process, and ultimately the lack of strategic planning can affect the outcome of a development in numerous ways. Halpern, considered a pioneer in his field, has been called upon by numerous companies to aid in all aspects of developments, including the marketing as well.


Halpern’s guidance provides clients with what they need to accomplish their end goals. With experience in multiple types of properties, he has been able to offer his expertise on-site without delay.


As the Founder and managing partner of JMH Development, Halpern continues to experience rapid growth having gained valuable knowledge and experience from his family. The legacy of real estate development has come from more than 50 years of experience, and most of that has come with building and advising on projects throughout the state of New York. These projects encompass both homes for families, and most recently they are comprised of residential apartments.

West Chester County, NY is the primary ground for the Halpern family as they continue to expand their business in multiple areas. Halpern is responsible for gaining momentum on the project as he hones his vision for what he would like to see the family do with JMH in the future. One of his greatest treasures was working on historical buildings that are often known for bringing families and their children additional education and fun.


Much of his personal time has been dedicated to the work of the Joel A. Halpern Medical Center, a trauma center that could assist individuals and their families with some of the most serious conditions and injuries in the medical field.

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