Kenneth Goodgame Gives True Value a Major Assist

True Value is a company that helps retail customers acquire all manner of different hardware items. The prices are reasonable and the volume of items in stock is vast enough that no one should feel they cannot find anything. Before finding new products to purchase, customers have to find the most desirable retail store. True Value is a hardware chain people are familiar with, but familiarity is not enough to nudge people to visit a local store. A solid marketing and promotional campaign has to be performed in order to draw people in. This is where a skilled executive such as Kenneth Goodgame offers a great assist. As as senior vice president of marketing, sales, and promotions, Goodgame has done a lot for True Value and for the company’s customers.

Prior to moving to the Chicago corporate headquarters of True Value, Goodgame served as the General Merchandising Manager of Ace Hardware. Prior to his three-year tenure with Ace Hardware, Goodgame worked at Techtronic Industries North America and Newell Rubbermaid. His arrival at True Value is beneficial for all parties involved. Goodgame, the corporation, the employees, and the customers all benefit from his marketing and management skills.

At True Value, Goodgame was in charge of many major promotional campaigns. Goodgame was responsible for hiring a skilled category management team to handle critical functions for the company.

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