The Highly Successful Business Path of Don Ressler

Readiness and commitment is a prerequisite to achieving the finer things in life. With this principles, many people have made things that were previously thought impossible. Take for instance Don Ressler with his highly successful JustFab brand. He has shown an incredible commitment to his work and has succeeded in almost every project. Don has grown to be a highly successful entrepreneur who can be regarded as a wise man. He carries the image that several entrepreneurs can look up to for success.

Don Ressler serves as the co-founder of Intelligent Beauty. He started his career by working with companies that focused in e-commerce and selling products online. He later established his online platform known as He built the company and sold it to Intermix Media. Don Ressler wanted to expand his capital and develop ideas for the company’s growth. Intermix Media increased the shareholder value of the enterprise. However, the company was acquired by News Corporation in 2005 for $650,000. After the purchase, Don Ressler decided to leave with his partner, Adam Goldenberg. The two had a massive experience in advertising at

The two business people met with other members of Alena and decided to start Intelligent Beauty. The company focused on skincare and cosmetics. It ran most of its business operations online. Ressler later decided to expand the line of business to include weight loss products on Pando. Intelligent Beauty proved to be a very successful venture. The company expanded its operations after acquiring $43 million from Crossover Ventures.

After brainstorming for some time, they decided to call the company Just Fabulous. A short form of the name became JustFab. JustFab established its offices in El Segundo. The place was ideal because it had several facilities like that of a beach, international airport, and expandable office space. JustFab has grown by receiving funding from its investors on Crunchbase. The company received a funding amounting to $33 million from Matrix Partners in 2011. The amount assisted the firm to start with a big bang. In the first year alone, JustFab had received a total of 4 million subscribers.

The success with JustFab is a clear indication that Don Ressler is a guru in the fashion sector. He has always looked for new opportunities and new ways to grow his company. JustFab has become highly successful and earned them millions in revenue.

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  1. Intelligent Beauty decided to open another line of business in 2010. The new business model was to focus on fashion, e-commerce, and subscription. It is very common for to have everything enabled for them all along too.

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